2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P., states its compliancy with the regulations in force about data protection, and specially with the Organic Law 15/1999, dated 13th December, and the Personal Data Protection Law 34/2002.
According with the current dispositions in force, 2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P. shall collect only the data being strictly necessary to provide the services resulting from its activities and other services conferred by the Law.
This privacy policy about data protection can vary in time due to potential legal and legislative modifications or following the decisions approved by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection and / or the ruling authorities at any moment. For this, 2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P. reserves the right to modify this privacy policy in order to adapt it to new legal and legislative dispositions that were in force specifically during website access, as well as to practices being applied in the sector.
In case the previous events shall occur, 2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P. will announce here in good time all the changes introduced in this web page before their putting into practice.
All the data provided by means of electronic mail or forms will be treated in accordance with the regulations in force regarding personal data protection, and in any case, the 2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P. staff in charge of the management of such information will consider it as confidential.

We notify you as our website User that the nature of the answers to the questions raised in the collecting data forms contained in this website is voluntary, even though the refusal to supply the requested data can imply a denial to access the services related.
By the completion of the forms enclosed in the different websites related with services provided by 2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P., the User is accepting the inclusion and later treatment of the data provided in a personal data file, owned by 2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P., and is authorized to exercise the applicable rights in accordance with the following clause.


INFORMATION ABOUT THE RIGHT OF MODIFICATION, ACCESS, OPPOSITION AND CANCELLATION OF THE DATA PROVIDED BY THE USER As a User you are authorized to exercise the rights -regarding the data collected in the form mentioned above- recognized by the Organic Law 15/1999, specially the rights of access, modification, opposition and/or cancellation of data. The User, through a written and signed request enclosing a DNI or a Passport photocopy forwarded to the address below, will exercise the rights mentioned in the former paragraph: C/ Taquigraf Serra, 7. 6ª. Planta. 08029 BCN.

DATA TO KEEP Exclusively the data aimed to contact the User (on an elemental basis), like name, surname and email address. This information, once received by 2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P, shall never be sold, transferred or rented to other companies, with the reasonable exception of supplying the service. 2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P is held responsible for these files containing personal data, created by and for 2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P with the purpose of carrying out the maintenance and the management of the rapport with the User, the information and distribution of the products belonging to the organization, and the performance of its activities. PURPOSE OF THE DATA Additionally, the information contained in the databases may be used to identify the User and in the execution of statistical studies about the registered Users. During the process of data collection, and whenever data were required, the User shall be informed about the mandatory or voluntary nature of the data collection and, in case this could not be deduced implicitly from the electronic form in question, about the need to implement such data for the access of the User to certain contents provided by websites. When necessary, 2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P will ask the consent of the User about using the data in order to send him any information related with the organization, the activities being developed or other related subjects.

COMMITMENT OF THE USER TO THE REGISTERING OF THE DATA IN A FILE The introduction of data in a sheet or sheets of data collection shall imply the acceptance of these conditions of use and privacy policy, thus being understood that the User has been duly informed about the mentioned conditions of use and privacy policy and is committed to full compliance while visiting http://www.2pir.com.

AVOIDANCE OF THE TRANSFER OF THE DATA TO A THIRD PARTY WITHOUT THE USER'S FORMAL CONSENT Besides, and unless the User has been informed about the likely existence of transfers of his/her data to a third party, and his/her consent to it has been obtained, in no case –with the exception of the cases protected by the legislation in force- no third party alien to 2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P could access, without the express consent of the User, to his/her personal data. In all other cases, 2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P shall cooperate for the third to comply with the legislation in force, although the responsibility shall be demanded to the mentioned third party. 2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P shall not sell, rent or transfer the personal data belonging to the Users of these websites, with the reasonable exception of supplying the service. 2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P shall not sell, rent or transfer the emails belonging to its Users to other companies, with the reasonable exception of supplying the service.

RESPONSIBILITY OF THE USER ABOUT THE USAGE AND CONTENTBoth the access to the websites and the use made of the information and contents included in them will be the sole responsibility of who is making it. Therefore, any use of the information, images, contents and/or products reviewed and accessible through the same, will comply with the applicable law, national or international, as well as with the principles of good faith and lawful use by the Users, who will be entirely responsible for the access and proper use. It is customary for the Users to make a reasonable use of the services or contents, under the principle of good faith and respecting the regulations in force, the moral values, the public order, the moral conventions, the rights of third parties or the same 2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P., all according to the possibilities and aims for which they were conceived. 2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P.does not assume any responsibility, direct or indirect, arising from potential or emergent damage or dismissed profit, or derived from the improper use of the services or contents made by the Users or third parties.

INFORMATION LSSI-CEIn compliance with the information duties stated in the article 10 of the Law 34/2002 in force dated 11th. of July, related to the Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, we state that the responsible of the 2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P. web where you can unload several applications is 2Π R INGENIEROS 1, S.L.P., with NIF B-60986924, C. Taquígraf Serra, 7 08029-Barcelona Spain, with Internet domain www.2pir.com registered in the consequent records, and meeting communication issues related with the Users and/or interested individuals in the following email address: 2pir@2pir.com.